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I'd like to know much about how to use mesh heads and body's along with appliers because as much as I try to figure it out when I'm in the shops my whole entire body turns white , if you have a resource drop it below? Offer to help me in world or tell me as much as you know about it, ty! I'm new to the whole mesh thing and I'm originally a kid so I'm extremely confusedd
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Ok...here we go.

Mesh bodies/heads/parts are things you put on to cover up and "replace" your SL default avi. As such, wearing regular system clothes and skins isn't going to work since SL is set up for those to go to the default avi. So, the textures have to be applied via  a hud with a script that talks to the body part, just like the texture change huds for mesh clothing....body parts are "clothing" as far as SL is concerned. Appliers are just that...huds that apply the texture to the worn mesh parts.

Most mesh bodies have the skin, tat, underwear and clothing layers. Designers will usually provide a hud that is script to apply to the proper layers. The Maitreya allows you to choose which layer.

Most female mesh parts, with the exception of Slink and TMP, will use Omega appliers. Omega is a universal applier system, which makes things much easier for designers so they don't have to do seperate appliers for every mesh part out there. Many designers now just do Slink and Omega appliers then some additionally do the TMP appliers, though there is a lot of discussion and controversy about the way the Style Hud works that I won't go into here.

So...you have your mesh body part on. Most of them have a default tone on them but some are white. You're going to add the applier, which will appear as a hud on your screen. You'll then apply the texture to the body,. Skin is usually good to start with and then add your other layers. As an aside, it's a good idea to add your layers the way you put on clothes..tat, underwear and then clothing. This helps avoid some alpha clash problems. On your hud for your mesh body part, be sure you have alpha mask turned on as well.

You'll want to get the Omega huds/scripting for your body part at Love N Lust...it's 1-3L if you join the free group or 99L if you don't. I would suggest you join the group as there are a lot of helpful people that will be more than happy to help answer any questions you might have.

Good luck

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When you're in the shops your whole body turns white...

That to me seems to imply that you're at the "Mesh Project" shop with its confusing shopping and style mode HUD system. If I recall right when you remove your look with that body, everything goes blank white.

If that is the case, that's just one specific body and the best way to deal with that is to ask in their group. While I found it fairly simple to work with their system - it has enough steps to it that it seems to really confuse a lot of people and if that brand is the body you want - you'd be best getting a hold of some fans of it you can help you with the process.


Most other brands just use a system of wear the body, use a HUD based applier from a skin maker, and go.

- The Mesh Project is really also this simple, but applies a skin not to your body but to its style HUD, which has a bunch of buttons for options that confuse people, and have to be clicked to then apply the things that were added to it to the body...



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Okay so can you explain the metriyea body? I feel I'm spelling it wrong and I'm sorry :/, if the mesh project items are over complicated what do you recommend? And also people who make cute mesh heads other than the shop?

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I prefer Belleza. Maitreya seems to be the most popular right now - and in the middle of the price range.

Quality wise, I think the best options are Belleza, Maitreya, Slink, and The Mesh Project. Slink's recent update moved it, in my opinion, from junk status to number 2 or 3 (I've yet to decide whether or not I think its better than Maitreya).

But this is all very subjective - and opinions will differ. However those 4 are the most full featured and have the least "problems".


Belleza and Maitreya are just bodies you would wear, and then you get an "applier" made for either the right one of them, or for "Omega".

You need appliers to add a skin to them, IF you don't like one of the skins they come with (or cannot match it to what you're using.).

The real key here is that most bodies work with a system called Omega, but that to use it, you have to get an Omega kit for that body. These Omega kits range from 1L for group members (a free to join group) to 99L.

Slink and The Mesh Project both refuse to support Omega, and only allow approved people to make content for them - so choices in skins and applier based clothes are more limited.


And the Omega Group, called Love and Lust Designs I think... is probably the best group for you to join - because no matter which body you get, that group is full of people who are experts on using all the various features. Its often more useful than the groups devoted to a specific body...


I don't use mesh heads. Mesh heads cannot respond to shape dials, so everyone with any certain mesh head will look identical. I don't care to be a part of a clone army. So I really can't offer any advice on mesh heads.


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