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rigged mesh and particle systems

Rhys Goode

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I am interested in making a leashing script for a rigged mesh object. 

For un-rigged prims, mesh or traditional, its is easy to link a "container prim" to the rest of an object, drop in a script, and when attached to the object, the source of the particles is the container prim.  whether it is on the ground or attached to an avatar.

When I try rigging a little container prim, put in my scripts, and wear it on the avatar, the particles originate from the center of the avatar, no matter where you attach the rigged container.  

If I put my scripts into a conventional prim and link to my rigged mesh prim, the rigged mesh piece goes exactly where it was rigged, the conveentioal part goes right where it was attached. Once mountued, the convention part may be editied for size and poistion, It does work as a container, but does not follow the skin of an animated avatar very well, and will not automatically adust to different shape slider postiions, and the animation and fit are the whole point of the exercise.

I suspect it is not possible to do, but though I would ask around.


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I can't think of any benefit of an unlinked prim wearing a rigged object with a linked prim attached to the right place is the same effect.


Rhys, I think that's the best you'll get, if it's a hidden item, I doubt the particle system appearing in not exactly the right place will be obvious.


In other words, model the actual thing so that it rigs properly and have a hidden particle linked prim.

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