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Lower Body Walking Animation


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I am sure this has been asked a thousand times but I couldn't find any definitive information that was helpful. I have a staff I want to walk down the aisle holding during my wedding, it has a animation in it that allows me to hold it upright. However when I walk with or without my AO running, it ignores that holding information and just swings it around as I walk. I know there are priorities etc. for animations but I don't totally understand how to fix this situation. I would be just as happy if someone can suggest an animation that just makes my lower half walk without moving my upper half. Thank you so much for any advice. 


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Probably a priority issue your walk is at a higher priority than the staff hold animation priority.

the priority of an animation is set in the animation file in the case of animations in the .anim format and when they are uploaded in .bvh format. There is no way to change it once the file has been uploaded.

It may be that your staff is using one of the internal animations such as hold_r_handgun which is used for holding all sorts of things such as a drink because the forearm is poking out and the arm is bent at the elbow so you could just as well hold a staff.

The reference on internal animations is here: http://wiki.secondlife.com/wiki/Internal_Animations and you can download them in .bvh format on the same page.

So if you got that animation and uploaded it you could set the priority to 4 (default is 2) and that might do the trick. You would need a script to start it. Google for lsl start animation.

It won't be perfect because holding a gun or a cup of coffee is not quite the same as waling with a staff, but it may be good enough.

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