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Do you think this community site idea is good, and residents would use it?


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I love photography & fashion.

I was a photographer in SL for a really long time, but sadly i do not have much time to spend in-world, but i don't want to throw the SL fashion and photography behind my back entirely.


Back in time i sat down to develop a community site for the SL phhotographers and for the modeling and fashion industry residents, and since i have more time now and i will have for a long time, i thought i will sit back down and finish it.


The site would have the following fetures.

- Photo sharing: to show your work or collect inspirations, you can like comment and share

- Casting call section: Where anybody can post different castings, (example, photgrapher needs model, or other ways around)

- Profiles: You can upload unlimited images to your own personal portfolio, give info abourt your self, share your social networks and blog / official site if you have, and leave reviews.

- Learning resources section: Where people can post links to different learning resources to related topic, or create their own tutorials, and request some.

There are more fatures on my mind right now, but these are some examples

So what do you think? Good idea? 

Any feature ideas welcome, if people are interested in this

Thank you

Kind Regards



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You definitely have a great idea going. You need to take into account that many modeling, creators, and photographers usually have their own flickr accounts for their photos and any announcements they want to make. Making a website might be a nice idea if it is different than their flickr. You might want to look into getting sponsers, advertisements on big fashion blogs, or even ask a great photographer (experienced one) to  post to your site. If you get a backing, people will follow. It is a great concept though. Good luck!

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Idea is great but you have to fight Facebook where you already have thousands of residents logged in daily, sharing, commenting and liking posts on their walls, groups for casting calls, etc. Last year I made account on some site, some sort of SL Fb, it even has the blogs and its own marketplace and tons of other great things but there are not enough users. And there are many more similar sites. Users go on sites that give them more exposure, right now thats Fb, and since it doesn't allow fake profiles (avatars) half of my friends, including me, will rather put a real name than move on some other website that gives less exposure.

I guess it depends of what you expect from your site, how big you want to make it? If its just for fun go for it, I bet it will be great experience!

And to suggest a feature? Dislike button lol

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Thank you for your opinion @Tamara i do appreciate it

I do understand that there is FB, but for some reason when people hear there is a new community or social network site they think it will be an FB clone :).


Mine not, yes there will be a few features similar like FB for example a like button on photos, and user notifications, thats all actually, i am not reinventing the weal, and a nother fb clone would be pontless.


And yes i remeber a similar site like that what you mentioned, the biggest problem with that in my opinion was that it allowed everything, and after a time it was full with porn, and the owner did not push any effort in the user requests, that was its biggest faliure.

And truth is, don't know if you heard about 500px, my site will be similar to that, mostly i try to put features what are unique, but its a bit hard in a world where almost everything is done :S

Dislike button idea is nice, but won't be popular in this site, i am thinking to make an activity feed similar to twitters in the late future, we will see.

And thank you for you for your thoughts i do appreciate it :)

You guys could help me with the name, i currently named it Pixel Pot what you think?

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