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Land Rentals in no drama community of 20 sims with sailing

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We  have some lovely parcels on full sims within our  absolutely beautiful community. You can live here in peace and harmony and sail freely. All rentals include membership of the sailing community for yourself and a partner or friend.

There is plenty of water for sailing and lots of quiet and private areas and the sims are all patrolled regularly on a daily basis to keep them safe. Really must be seen to be appreciated.

Toby Howton, Avery Saxena or Dearest Myrtle will be happy to show you around  or just pop over and visit.

List of available rentals on full sims below:-


Dearest's Isle

Dearest's 02 is a lovely 4096 parcel with 937 prims that faces directly onto open sailing waters and  is 1950 LD per week




Dearest's Isle 07

Lovely 3072 parcel with 703 prims for 1350 LD per week




Dearest's 10

Central 4096 parcel with 937 prims for 1800 LD per week.




Sprout is a fabulous full prim sim on the eastern edge of the community. It has full sailing access and is  very peaceful too. We have three 1/4 sim parcels there  each with 3720 prims and at a price of 6750LD per week. 

Sprout 01


Sprou 03


Sprout 04


Snapshot _ Sprout quarter sim 01, Sprout (188, 58, 21) - Modera.pngSprout_002.jpg


Visit our interactive map to see all our rentals, homes and slips. click on a pink pin to get the TP dropped into local chat.


GWSC and AD Sim Map.png





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