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A new take on Roleplay in SL: Tabletop-minded RPG

Kitti Swords

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A tabletop-minded RPG campaign with a progressive storyline tailored on the backgrounds and actions of all characters involved, instead of just the typical RP sim where players go and mostly engage in just "tavern chit-chat" roleplay. We will have storytelling sessions like in tabletop RPG, with quests given, rewards and all; but making small compromises between a full fledged tabletop experience and SL roleplay, because we know all players won't be logging in every time.


BLOG article about us:http://nwn.blogs.com/nwn/2015/02/dragon-age-second-life-roleplay.html


✖ SETTING: Bioware's Dragon Age universe, specifically Dragon Age Origins (Very realistic medieval fantasy) ✖

✖ WE HAVE A WHOLE NEAT SIM OF OUR OWN, where players can also hang out and RP with each other 24/7, as well as create their own plots and side-quests, which may involve other players with the help of a DM. We are also offering some FREE housing and items for people willing to take important roles in town! Faction leader positions are also available! ✖

✖ Application is NOT required, as we all know through experience that it does little to filter good and mature roleplayers.
This is entirely OPTIONAL: Provide a simple paragraph of your character's background just so we can tailor a special storyline for YOU, making your role more active and fun to play in our campaign. ✖

GROUP (Free to join): Dragon Age Roleplay

SIM: Dragon Age - Lothering

CONTACT ME: Kitti Swords


Dragon Age RP 05.jpg

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A lovely sim with one of the friendliest rp communities I've come across in SL. A talented paragraph roleplayer base and a dedicated, patient staff with a unique vision who take great care of their players. Even as a complete noob to the Dragon Age setting, and to table top playing in general, they've worked with me every step of the way and kindly put up with my million and a half questions. 

A really great place to rp that I'm thrilled to be a new member of! <3



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One of the rare venues that do not shift focus from the 'real' sense of Role Play. True to setting and trying to bring about a perfect blend of Classic Tabletop RP and Paragraph RP as in SL, the sim and the people behind it leave any player feeling welcomed and do really take an effort at making the entire Role Play experience feel worthwhile and rewarding. 

Missions and storylines crafted by storytellers add to the player's individual imagination. 

A fan of Dragon Age or not, the sim is definitely worth a visit and will definitely tempt any visitor to stay! Hope to see more players and have a lot of fun IC! 

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