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Second Life Viewer issues please help!

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So recently this message has popped up on my Second Life preventing me from logging in my internet is fine nothing wrong with the firewall yet it's telling me I can't log in. Okay our other family computers work fine it even works really fast on our Acer we own but for some reason this message appeared as soon as I FINALLY got my Internet connected when I accidentally uninstalled my LAN Router. Again NOTHING is wrong with the connection I'll try to provide as much details as possible with screen capping. YES Again the internet is online I recently wanted to get on to look for some furry and sonic stuff WARNING I am a FURRY. The thing is Second Life runs more smoothly because I turned down the quality of the computer would services being turned off have to do with me not logging in this is also happening to my steam but the browser and everything else I am on is peachy perfect to prove I am actually connected I also posted a screen cap of my browser. Does anyone have any solutions on what could be the problem? Also ignore the volume I'm using my tablet to watch anime so I'm not really using the sound ^^''


The issue has been fixed I had to reformat and everything is working PERFECTLY idk why it was throwing a fit but it seems maybe damaged data had to do with something it has also fixed my steam and chrome remote desktop host offline issue thanks for the help guys I wanna request to lock this thread it's useless now.


Second Life Error.pngConnected.pngConnected.pngSecond Life.png




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Also I will admit optimizer pro the virus tried installing its self I am monitoring download activity now as well because my younger bro installs stuff he's not supposed to like mods for minecraft and doesn't uncheck stuff. If that's the issue how do I tell WHAT is actually preventing it from loading?

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Already solved about to ask a mod to lock this thread since I found the answer I had to format it something damaged the data and it might have been the rouge virus I could be wrong I still wish I would of studied the problem. Though if I have no choice but to reformat I'd have to.

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