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Why are my mesh floors doing this (drifting)?

Pamela Galli

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It's bad enough trying to get my avi's feet to be ON the floor, not in or above, but I can just put down invisible prims to fix that/
But here is something new:  the mesh floors keep rotating tiny amounts* -- enough to poke through the shading prims on top of them. I am at my wits' end.  I never noticed them doing this before, but I have to fix them a few times a day.  Does anyone else experience this or have a clue why this horrible development?
I can make a JIRA but something tells me it would be ignored.
*Other prims drift some too but not like these mesh floors.
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Profaitchikenz Haiku wrote:

Are they part of a link-set, and if so, are non-mesh parts of the set also shifting, or just the mesh?

Part of a linkset, and regular prims do it but not as much as these two large meshes.


However, someone kindly IMed me and suggested unlinking then relinking the prims, and so far I have not seen any drifting in them. So maybe this simple fix will work!

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