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Direction for Keyframed motion


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i'll try to explain as good as i can :)

example - i have arrow. with keyframedmotion script in that moves it across X axis forward for some 2meters. but if i rotate arrow on 90 degrees over Z axis(by hands), arrow will be moving across X axis but pointing wrong direction(to Y axis).

How can i fix that? I tried to understand what is llGetRot and Euler... but im stupid, cant figure out.

I need my arrow move on touch where its pointing. so if arrow pointing +X axis then move +X. if pointing -X, then -X. if -Y then -Y... etc. help me please :) how to get this direction into keyframed motion function?

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llSetKeyframedMotion moves your object in local coordinates, relative to its current position.  So if you tell it to move <1.0,0.0,0.0>, it will move 1 meter in whatever direction its own +X axis is pointing.  Same thing with rotation.  If you want to rotate 90 degrees around Z from its current rotation, you simply tell it to rotate llEuler2Rot(<0.0,0.0,PI/2>) .

In your case, you want to rotate first, then move, so you do it in two steps:



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Thank you Rolin but as i understand, position is global, and rotation is local. i dont need to rotate object in motion, i just need its move always where object facing.

I describe in steps what i mean.

Object shaped as arrow, i rez it, and its sharp side(cone side ==>) pointing to +x axis as standard.


 this will move my arrow in +x asxis as supposed to, by sharp side forward. BUT if i rotate BY HANDS :) in Edit menu my arrow 90 degrees left, now arrow pointing to +Y. Code above still move it by X axis. I tesed it. And my arrow moves X asxis with its right side. But i need it move strictly, always to direction where my arrow(object) pointing ==> sharp side.

wiki says:

Translation is in Global coordinates, the Rotation in Local coordinates.

Simply - how to make Global coordinates to be Local? :) 

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I apologize.  You are right.  Translations are global, which simply means that you need to correct each one by the current global rotation.

default{    touch_start(integer total_number)    {        llSetKeyframedMotion([<1.0,0.0,0.0>*llGetRot(),ZERO_ROTATION,2.0,ZERO_VECTOR,llEuler2Rot(<0.0,0.0,PI/2>),2.0],[]);    }}


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