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The problem with creating a unified upper and lower body template is that the scale isn't quite the same. Or more precisely, the length of the seam where the two templates join isn't. This is the result of LL adopting the UV mapping from a really old Poser figure, one that was really badly done, as their standard for avatar texture mapping.

In short, if you tried to make one 1024 high x 512 wide full body template, it simply would not work. The patterns won't align, and even if you tweaked the scale to make the over-all length of that seam match, individual points along that seam still won't match, and the seams are not on the texture edge.

The only way I can imagine to make a single unified texture would be to make a new UV map, and then have a filter or a macro that re-maps what you draw onto the actual UV map of the two individual upper and lower textures.

There is an easier way, though. There are several 3D applications that allow you to paint directly on the 3D figure. Take a look at Chosen Few's replies in this post, for more information on 3D painting programs:


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