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Attachment not working properly?


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Hi everyone,

I've won 4 freebies at a lucky draw, and I tried wearing each and one of them. Unfortunately, to my dissapointment, the tops attached themselves to my hand, and the top appears as a cube instead of a regular top. This also happened to my other tops and pants that I've won.

What's going on here? The stuff I've won is really cute. I really would like to wear them but there's just a small hiccup with them. :/

All helpful replies are greatly appreciated :)

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Your new clothes come packed in boxes. You first have to find a place where you are allowed to rez things. Then you drop the box from your inventory to the ground, right click it and open it. A display will open with the contents of the box. Copy them to your inventory and you'll find a folder with all your clothes ready to be worn.

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