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NEW Adult Roleplay SiM- Crest of Vrek'mar

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An immersive fantasty roleplay sim that allows you to play any role of your choosing, come see the island and it's inhabitants and denizens. The sim focuses on fun, storylines and your overall enjoyment with it's very own custom made (optional) dice hud and leveling system. 

Player made factions. Seductive avatars. So many areas, stories and bodies to explore! Come join us!


An elderly man sits around a campfire as you disembark one of the ships....He beckons to you....

Good evening my friends, please, sit and enjoy my campfire. I take it from the looks of you, your journey to the Crest of Vrek'mar was long and arduous, perhaps fleeing from lands overrun, natural disaster mayhap even running from enemies? Well, You have come to a dangerous place my friends, but not one that is without its treasures. Once, long ago, longer than most can even remember this was a vast lush land of natural beauty and splendor, untouched by foul magic and evil nature. It was a place where the elves danced and the mermfolk frolicked, yes my friends it was a glorious and magical place to live.

For hundreds of years these lands were ruled by the Vrek'mar family, for it was said that this family was endowed with a natural arcane gift, one that was transferred to the first born child of each dynasty. It was amongst the 15th line of of Vrek'mar that the first female heir, Princess Vrek'mar was born. It was said that because of this, the gift had been lifted and now it would be the sacred duty of her father, Bran'ord Vrek'mar to decide the fate of their people.

Using Bran'ord's insecurities and reluctance to let go of his gifted life and his family's legacy, his demon mistress convinced him that her benefactor could restore his family's legacy and all their gifts. She promised him a son, youth and power, as he was before and like the old fool he was, he accepted. The Demon herself was an Cambion by the name of Nanael; she took Bran'ord away to her secret lair of her benefactor. When he woke, he was indeed alive once more with the strength of his youth but no longer was he benevolent in nature. Nanael had corrupted his soul, burning it within the hellfires of her raging hunger until all that remained was a husk, a burned out shell of what it once was. He was to serve her now, his mission was to swallow the souls of the land so that he may feed her bottomless belly. He was now hers, Bran'ord the evil sorcerer and he began to reign terror upon the lands.

He starved his people, cut them off from fresh water supply, divvying it out as he saw fit and imposed heavy taxes on everything and anything coming into the island. The island began to attract more unsavory types, slavery began to be a heavy source of island trade with the lack of other resources. The inhabitants began to try to leave but most could not afford to so they became servants and slaves to the much stronger and wealthy. The Island became a virtual feeding ground of lust, gluttony and sin.

The elves numbers diminished over time, embittered at the encroachment of the younger and more evil races on their beautiful lands where centuries past they'd once ruled and inhabited. The human kind began to flourish in the village leaving the darker recesses of the mountains to those that wished to dwell there, Orc, drow, goblin and the like. The Dragons and Angels stayed high in their floating islands, looking over the lands. Their structures seem to float in mid air, powered by pulsing brilliant light crystals, swirling with energy and living entity's that cost a great deal of sacrifice and energy to maintain.

Nanael, true to her word bore Bran'ord a son, a Cambion demon that tore through her womb and emerged a deformed and grotesque creature. The moment Bran'ord laid eyes upon it, he was horrified and angry at Nanael and he knew that he had to kill the abomination. He waited too long, the demon's spawn grew at rapid rate and within just a few moons it was large enough to defend itself against it's father's attack. When Bran'ord came to Nanael's quarters, dagger in hand, he was met with his son feasting upon it's weakened mother's form and sought to kill it immediately. The spawn grievously injured Bran'ord in the violent struggle but was ultimately no match for it's father's magic. It lay dead and it's mother with it, some say they were sent back to the abyss for their failures, only to return some day.

Bran'ord lived on for a short time but ultimately died from his wounds, leaving his legacy to his daughter. Some believe that the Vrek'mar legacy has ended in his death but most believe that his daughter's heir will be reborn with such gifts once more. The inhabitants of the island hope to see her bear a heir in hopes to restore the lands to it's former glory, others would like to use the power for their own corruption.


((Adult situations, dark inspired role play, adult avatars only!))


Feel free to contact us inworld with any questions:

-Kit (kitera)


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A bit harsh of a judgement call there, Sage.


This is a REALLY GREAT sim, actually. YES, there are some players who are snobby about their style of RP and really clicky groups. But its quite easy to AVOID those players by simply not engaging after a bad exchange. Which is what I do. It is laggy at times, but I find this is not a major issue and not that bad. At least not for me.

I have made many great friends here in just under a week and can't say my experience was as bad. I DID have the displeasure of running into some Role Play snobs who try to police every way you prefer to play. But again, they're easily avoided by simply ignoring them.

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