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Homestead parcels to rent in community of 20 sailing sims.

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ArchiTech Design Estates is 20 sims which incudes Gullswing Sailing Club's 8.5 sailing sims. The whole area operates as a peaceful and beautiful community. All renters have access to sailing on the vast waters and may chose to take sailing lessons, visit one of the two clubs, shop in the stores.

Renters are asked to set out their lands in keeping with the overall look of the sims, security is not necessary as five of us partol the sims on a daily basis. This is  a truly beautiful place ot live in SL where you can be as sociable or as reclusive as you wish.

These are some of the available homestead parcels at  present and if you dont see  something that will suit you, please come and ask Toby Howton or myself as we  have some  flexibility.



 This beautiful homestead is in a fabulous locationand  has been turned to 50% water for sailing and is rented as two land parcels with a high prim allocation.

Cormorant Bay North Island is a 16384 parcel and has 1875 prims  and is  for 5750 LD  per week

Cormorant North Island.png


Cormorant Bay South Island is a 12288 parcel and has 1406 prims and is for 3950 LD per week


Cormorant South Island.png


Owls Cove

This gorgeous homestead is given to 50% water for  sailing and  comprises two residences, two slips and three land parcels.

One parcel is available to rent at present and has fabulous views and water on one side. On the other side is a footpath and some open common land with access to a different Bay.

Owls Cove OC03

This is a 3072 parcel and has 703 prims for 1750 LD per week. It is a gorgeous location to live and sail.





Petrel is our northernmost sailing homestead and therefore our quietest if you like seclusion.  It is also on a homestead that is 50% water. We have a parcel of land sitting on a promentary that gives sea views on three sides of the land. We havemt yet decided how to divide it up.

This is currently a 9216 and will have 2109 prims and if someone takes the whole parcel it will be 5250 LD per week.

Alternatively it could be 3 x 3072 parcels with 703 prims  at 1750 LD per week each. If sailing is your passion and peace is your desire this is well worth viewing and let myself or Toby Howton know if you are interested.



All our rentals and residences are visible on our interactive map. The pink pins are vacant rentals, homes or slips.....click on any one to get a LM dropped in your local chat.

Best regards





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