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Dark Angel TV series based Roleplay! Anyone interested?


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Those of you who are a little older may remember a wonderful tv show called Dark Angel!


I'm sure if you see a couple pictures most of us can at least recall Jessica Alba kicking some ass. I was watching the show a bit and really wanted to rp it again. I did years ago and it was probably one of the best RPs I can remember being involved in over many years of roleplaying. I was wondering if anyone else would have an interest in such a sim based on the show. Mostly I would be interested in the first season and base storyline and would likely wish to drop the main cannon characters and replace them with original characters who are similiar. The main cannon chars may or may not show up but I would think it best as NPC's only.

If anyone is interested please leave a comment or send me a notecard to Tadashir Resident. I do not have means of opening a sim so financial backers would be needed most of all and we can figure out how to make it happen together. I think this concept could work very well on SL right now due to a lot of modern and post apoc based sims being popular.

I am an experienced builder and the sim itself wouldn't be too difficult to pull off with a bit of help. This could be really fun on SL so I hope some people have an interest in this conecpt.

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Yes I was thinking something like that. Would have to discuss it with interested parties if we went ahead. But yeah I would think it would be post season one.. all of that even happened and might be lore... people might even see Max as a leader or great person but she won't be directly involved in the RP. I could see maybe an NPC appearance or somehting perhaps but that's about it.

But basically with having some of the transgenics out we can say another manticore facility was made so there will still be both sides. Familiars would be something I would like to have come in later to keep things interesting.

So I would like to start at the end of season one or maybe even a bit further but make up our own story from there on.


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