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Modern Paragraph Role-Play - City of Paola - Mid-Sized Town with all new flare


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City of Paola - Paragraph Role-Play - The Future


      It's official ladies and gentlemen. The City of Paola will be opening at the two weeks, so we feel it's important to inform the public of what's going on. As I've been involved in the past major urban roleplay cities from the start (Canton, New Lansing, etc) - There has been one constant. You build a beautiful city then try to attract good people to it. However, we have seen the roleplay quality die in the end, even with ventures recently such as Harrison. After talking to several veterans of our style of roleplay, one truth is evident. The *only* way to make an environment successful long term, is maximize role-player engagement.



I'm not talking about more people in the city, no what I'm talking about is you - the roleplayer - creating relationships, and truly implanting your roots in the city. Having a home, a job, a purpose. Be is working for yourself, someone else, the government, or bartering. Maybe you want to be a criminal, and work in the black market.



Not all of us are the best paragraph roleplyers. Along with that, there are a lot of people new to roleplay that need education, or someone to show them the interesting sides of what we love so much. In Paola, we're going to focus on helping new people learn how to roleplay, while keeping roleplay quality high.


Our Setting

Set in the the plains of Kansas, the City of Paola represents a middle sized town, that branches into a smaller area. As we expand, we look to grow to represent real American towns, with large and small elements throughout. Of course, the same quality you've come to know and love in professional roleplay cities - all mesh, all custom buildings, with planned zones.


Our Systems

Along with other bits of new technology, our most paramount system is the Wallet-To-Wallet Congruent Dream Dollar Commerce System. This system aims to rethink the way we view making RP purchases, and leasing buildings in roleplay environments. In ever city before us, paying for residential or commercial structures was all done Out-of-Character. Now, we have made that an IC concept, growing the depth of possible roleplay. Also, because of this system, you have *TWO* ways to pay for rents. With lindens exchange into D$ or, with D$ you have earned! With a city wide minimum wage for employers, if you choose to go the working way, you can work for a certain wage, and earn money that can actually be used to pay for your rent. This gives you a goal, and a purpose aside from just simple roleplay fun. There's more details to this system we will be releasing more information about soon!


I have worked closely with our advisors to rethink the way citizenship is thought of, along with incorporating several new things below. *ALL* of this is in an effort to accomplish a focused goal; revive and create roleplay for years to come. This should be the most prosperous time for roleplay, with new mesh technology. This should be the moment we're all having fun - we want to be a part of that future!


Here's some things you'll see;

Wallet-To-Wallet Congruent Dream Dollar Commerce System

Citizenship Certificate (SSN) Status

Deep Legal Systems

Revolutionary Records Software

One of a Kind Rental Systems

The "Live your Dream" Stimulus

Bank Integration

Insurance Integration

Black Market Integration

Rethought Criminal Rules


For Updates and questions; please join the group:

City of Paola - Citizens




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