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Looking for certain groups and locations

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I'm trying to clean up my groups and consolidate things, and I noticed a few of mine are now inactive. So here I am, searching for improved replacements!

I would like to find groups that announce music performances for a variety of locations/sims, so I can always find an event to go to. A general event/live performance group would be awesome too. That would include not only music, but theater, sports, races, etc. As far as music is concerned, I like more unique types of music such as jazz, blues, trance, electronica, rather than usual top 40s or club music. Think Soma FM or Digitally Imported..

Even more, I am wondering which burlesque groups are open nowadays, with shows, notices, and what not.

Thank you!
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Hey there! =D

Personally, the way I found the groups I'm in and the sims I visit was through other people by either finding the places/groups directly(IMing them, local chat, etc.) or indirectly by looking through the "picks" and "groups" tabs in their profiles.

A good way on how to do this is to pick a certain keyword, for example, jazz, and typing that into the search and I'm sure tons of areas will pop up. You can then filter the areas to specifics like, how popular it is, the ammount of traffic that goes into that area and a bunch of other things. Then, once you've teleported to the area, ask around. Ask are there any sims like this or maybe the people there may share other interests and they can show you they're favorite places to visit. Also, if you like the place, join the group to get updates on what's going on! This will also help to make sure the groups you have are active.

Certain groups, usually for a specific sims, announce when events are taking place but, only in that sim. I don't know of any groups that keep track of what's going around the grid as a whole as to what events are taking place. However, alot of blogs and other websites may have something close to what you're looking for if you just google and search enough and maybe you'll find one(or a few) that are right up you're alley.

Just go one keyword at the time and your group list is sure to fill up.

I hope this helps!








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Sorry to the OP if I made that mistake. D=

It seemed like the person was looking for specific groups/locations that were active and gave updates not only to what's going on in a specific area but, the person wanted a group that dedicated it's time to informing it's members on what's happening in the grid as a whole to what the person was interested in. I don't know if there is such a thing but, there could be. Closest I could think of were websites that dedicate themselves to keeping tabs on the events that occur in SL and maybe once the OP did some searching, they could've found a few they liked.

That's why I recommended going to locations dedicated to specific interest inworld and asking around to people who know more about the interests the OP's looking for so that maybe they could help them instead if no one on these forums could.

If you have anything to add, please do.

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