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Seeking long-term para roleplay partner for specific role.

Pinke Latte

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Hi all! I'm trying to find someone to play a role from my character's backstory.

Note: If you aren't comfortable with (at the very least, one-sided) m/m relationships, this plot is likely not for you.

Mr. Reinhardt is the vampire that bought my character Johann as a youth and raised him as a servant. They had a rather close, but strange relationship. Mr. Reinhardt is essentially responsible for teaching Johann everything he knows, about books, tea, polite society - literally everything. He's also responsible for some of Johann's quirks, e.g. his crossdressing. Let it be known right away that Johann as he grew up into a young man, was completely infatuated with Mr. Reinhardt. This was a very one-sided relationship though, as Johann never made his feelings known. When Johann suffered a heart attack Mr. Reinhardt tried to force a change on him. This didn't work, obviously, and Johann died thinking that Mr. Reinhardt killed him, and so he's lingered on as a ghost. There's a ton of baggage to plot with here.

Mr. Reinhardt's history is fairly open to whomever takes the role, up to the point where Johann enters his life. He's a German aristocrat and comes from a wealthy family, but why his family is rich or how he maintained that money after he became a vampire is up to you. His personality is somewhat pre-defined. He should be an aloof sort and tends to come across as cold due to the fact that he doesn't express his own emotions very well. Bonus points for general aristocratic nature, etc. Appearance-wise I'd prefer him to be blonde-haired and blue-eyed, as well as for him to keep the surname Reinhardt, but honestly?

I'm really open for negotiation. I'd really just like someone to play this other half of this neat-o back story I've come up with for my ghost. ^^

Please send me an IM or notecard if you're interested, and we can get to hashing out specific details, and maybe do a couple test scenes to see how well our RP styles mesh.

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