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ZEN Land Group, Available land rental listings!

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Operating in Second Life for over 5 years! A great move forward from Linden rentals or skybox or apartment rentals. You will have the powers and abilities you need to enjoy your land the way you wanted to!! Keeping rates low so you can enjoy your time more in SL! 512m is 125/week 117 prims 1024m ----- 250/wk 234 Prims 2048m ----- 475/wk with 468 Prims 4096m ----- 950/week with 937 prims 8192m ----1875/week with 1875 prims 16384m---3750week with 3750 Prims 32768m---7500/week with 7500 Prims With land on over 60 Mainland SIM's plus Estate and Homesteads available, we have a lot to choose from! Check back often for new listings! For the latest up to date rental list of mainland parcels or others.... click or cut and paste one of these links into your browser to see our latest list! Mainland Rentals list....http://wl.sparrowindustries.net/918bd8aa18accdde3d27a1dade152d71/?group=2 Estate Listings....http://wl.sparrowindustries.net/a1f1f675e09112ae01c983f032ee861e/?group=2 Shop Rentals....http://wl.sparrowindustries.net/290e36d220735d9775f8f91a8cdb3f31/?group=2 Skydome Rentals.....http://wl.sparrowindustries.net/a459050e77569c8cdd31ccbaa3bbe323/?group=2 Contact Jason1 Draconia , Emi Zobovic or Secret Rage if you need help or more information, thank you!
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