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Lands of Carmarthenshire: Merlin/Fantasy RP Sim


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This is a new RP sim that's just came up on my radar. For all you Merlin fanatics, or basically fanatics of medieval fantasy themed roleplay, this is probably the most immersive and most beautiful roleplay sim I've had the pleasure to explore. While it is Merlin themed, folks who wish to roleplay the different races in fantasy lore like humans, elves, fairies, dragons, centaurs, druids etc are most welcome. 

About Carmathenshire

Carmarthenshire is two beautiful RP sims loosely set around 11th-13th century Arthurian Britain with a sprinkling of LOTR style fantasy for good measure. A mystical land where magic is strong, traditions are ancient and superstition reigns. The home of Merlin the Great Magician, maker of kings, the eternal manipulator. An age of legends and legendary deeds. Where great, long forgotten races live out their lives in harmony... mostly.

You are invited to come and join the growing community and be part of this engaging world.

Races currently residing in Carmarthenshire are


  • Human
  • High Elf
  • Ancient/Dragon
  • Wood Elf
  • Dark Elf
  • Orc
  • Fae
  • Centaurian
  • Dwarf 
  • Changeling


  • Warriors/Knights
  • Ranger
  • Merchants and Artisans
  • Mystics (Mage/Wizard/Witches/Hags/Cleric/Priest/Druid)
  • The Shadow Wanderers

While we have well established leaders of the human, elven, dragon and orcish races. There are several key roles available which we are recruiting for. They are as follows:

  • Lord Chamberlain ~ Leader of the Human village. Running the day to day life of the village and the Human community. Reporting to the Lord and Lady of Carmarthenshire. Possible free accommodation available for the successful candidate.
  • Dwarven Race Leader ~ Lead the Dwarves, receive a mine!
  • Master of the Guilds House ~ To run the guild house, similar to a university of guilds which incorporates all guilds in one building. Free accomodation available to sucessful candidate. RP pivotal role.
  • Tavernkeeper or Alewife ~ Will be RP pivotal, have access to rogues group and be the centre for information. Will be handed unknown rp knowledge, gossip and clues. Manage the rental rooms and must be RP experienced.
  • Arena Master/Sergeant-at-Arms ~ To organise the arena events, tournaments and such. Must be RP active in the sim.
  • High Sheriff ~ Keeper of the Human laws, enforcer of the Lord and Lady, reporting to the Lord Chamberlain. Will recruit and organise Captain of the Guard and Knights of the Realm.
  • Knights of the Realm will report to High Sheriff. Sergeants, guardsmen and warriors of the Human Race.
  • Gate Keeper/Watchman/Town Crier ~ Keeper of the gate! Free quarters. Near a bridge, so even trolls are welcome to apply!
  • Guild Leaders ~ Organise each professional path teaching and guiding specific RP paths. Working with race leaders organising events. A light and fun role. Titles of Professor, Alchemist, Philosopher, Theolegian and Scholar can be chosen.

**There are a some good quality private rentals still available (for all races), some shop units, and a marketplace with shops to lease if you are interested!**

Website still in development: www.carmarthenshireorder.com Take a look now to see what we are about.

If you are interested in visiting, or would like to ask any questions, or apply for roles please come to : http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/CARMARTHENSHIRE/148/81/25

Or drop a notecard to one of these admins:

  • Shantz Hawker
  • Miakoda Macchi 
  • Antoinetta Merlin
  • Gaetano Demina



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Awesome RP sim!

You couldn't ask for a more friednly group of people to spend your time with!

I just started RPing with them, and it's super fun, and both sims are just simply stunning.  So much imagination and creativity, it's refreshing!

If you're looking for a fantasy/medieval sim, look no further!  This is the place for you!  When you visit, keep in mind it's being constructed little by little everyday!

Hope to see you there!


~ Arthgon

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