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look for staff


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i look for staff to come to my sim one o work as host and allso escourts and dancer and dj to work on reg nights on reg times

dj if you reg is 200l for 2 hours but if u good and bring a following i pay up to 2k for 2 hours

dancers  if u take a aadd bourd for month 600 i give u a free month unless you a frelance  you work in lap rooms  and should get 1500l a danse he club take 10% you keeo 90% house tip jars have to be used


escourt you need add bourd same as danner pay 600 for one month get one month free i allso renting apartment for 100l a week so u can take men back to but we do have  sky boxs that we like you to take frelanse or club we take 10% u keep 90 and as most escourts earn 5k in 30 min you do well  house tip jars have to be used


allso we want host to wellcome and control the contest and give prizes it be 2 hours and pay is 150 pluss 90 % of your tips yo allso be incharge of getting men tp to the sim


if you feal u can do any off the jobs plzz im jackandjill2007 first 10 will be given 200 of add bours on top of the month free

thanks and wellcome to the mays gentlmans club we happy to help

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