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Unwrapping changes in Blender 2.73

Chic Aeon

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I recently switched to 2.73 from 2.64 so this could be an older issue and just new to me.


BUT the unwrapping seems to be quite different and I am not thrilled :D.  BEFORE when I would have say a piece of 2x6 - 8 feet long I would mark the ends and then one edge of the longer side. I would unwrap and I would have three islands - the two end and then a long and thinner piece with four faces. Those faces wouldn't be proportioned correctly BUT it was easy enough to do that by hand.


Now no matter what I try and do, I keep getting six exactly propotioned squares. I didn't change the default in 2.73, but I could have changed them in 2.64 three or so years ago - LOL. 


Is there really a newish way that the unwrap function is working or do I have a setting incorrect. I am writing some tutorials and I would like to know if this is a real issue or simply me overlooking something.


Thanks all.



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Assuming we are talking about a stretched cube - This happens if you stretched the cube in Object mode and didn't Apply Rotation and Scale. If you are looking in the right place, you will see a brief message that says "Object has non-uniform scale, unwrap will operate on a non-scaled version of the mesh". Fix by applying rotation and scale before unwrapping,

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 I will try Drongle's idea. And no big surprise, he got it! Thank you oh great wise one (really!).


@Gaia   I no longer have 2.64 on my machine it seems although I tried to keep them both. Will check more on that.   I took some screenshots to explain as others may end up with this.


In 2.64 I always (ALWAYS) applied location, rotation and scale at the end as well as moving the origin point to the geometry. Someone long ago on this board said that and I just always do it. BUT in 2.64 (which I know was long ago) the mapping would APPROXIMATE a long board.


Not as well as the mapping below which I dug out of an old 2.64 file, but you would have two rectangles for ends and then one piece for the main long piece of the board. That long piece would have the same size width for each piece so you had to adjust it, but it was at least CLOSE to the shape.




If you don't do the rotation and scale to the piece while in Object mode as Drongle suggested, it looks like this which really isn't useful at all (for me anyway).




BUT the EXCELLENT news (so happy) is that when you do apply rotation and scale now, it does a great job of mapping.




It is just that change part that I needed to know.


Thanks again, Drongle!

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