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Bay City - Protected Street double-prim plot for sale on mature land (992m)

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EDIT: The northern plot has sold, the southern one is still for sale.


For sale is a 992m plot that runs lengthwise through half of the blue space in this image.

992m plot:


They are pricey, but I've priced them around 50% less than other lots of the same size in Bay City.


Bay City land is all double prim and usually themed to look like a US city in the 1960s. Bay City has a very active community group that helps people get involved and be successful. It is easily the best place in SL to have a public location like a shop or cafe.

As such, most land here goes for between 150,000-200,000L. This parcel is set for 76,000L. To my knowledge this makes it, at present, the cheapest land in all of Bay City.


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