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Looking for a flexible & trustworthy scripter

JBenn Doobie

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I am looking for a scripter to work along side with on many different projects.

I've had a business in SL since 2006 and am struggling to create the things I want to create because of my limited scripting skills. 

I've got probably up to 20 different projects I'd like to complete. Some are very big projects and some are very small. 


I need a scripter that spends a lot of time on SL. One that would be able to work along side me, despite my unprofessional/odd ways of working. My last scripter was rarely on SL, and insisted that I draw up extremely detailed plans for the projects, and still even complained/argued when I'd do so.. and rejected the idea of working TOGETHER on projects that I've planned on for years and care very much about. He did good work but it was a battle to get him to do it, and very difficult to work with because he wanted to do things his way, even though I was paying him very well to do what I'd ask of him. 

I'm a social person. I joke around a lot. but I am very serious about my work/hobby in SL. So if you think you're not a square headed difficult worker...I'd love to work with you! 

Let me know! I can discuss pricing and details about the projects in IM in SecondLife. 

and FYI, if it helps you want to help me..Some of the projects I want to work on are MASSIVE and difficult. I am willing to pay nicely but I'm not a fool.

I also probably should add that I need someone who would be able to help me create sort of a vending machine, probably using scripts from hippovend/casper, or whatever. IF you don't think you could help me do this, do not apply. 

Hope I am not being too demanding, but I know what I want and wont settle for less! EXPERIENCED scripters only!!!

Thank you so much! I look forward to speaking with you!

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