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Premium land for cheap prices!!

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Unico Land Rental

Have your own little paradise~!
• Tropical land for rent
• Residential private island
• Land buffer between plots with decor
• BONUS Prim!
• Waterfront, hillside
• Off sim decorations.
• Full land rights.
• Rent from someone who has been in world for 8+ years

Use the landmark below to see what plots are open right now.
Various sized available




If you have any questions please contact JL Zinner.


1. Use land tools to purchase the land for $1 (right click the on the ground and click on "Buy land")
2. Pay the tier box (located next to your land or at the corner of the land). If you're not sure of its whereabouts, Please contact JL Zinner for the SLURL of your tier box.

-------------------------------------- Available land (as of March 8, 2015)--------------------------------------

Water front Beach land with Sunset View
2848 sq
$ 1289 week/ 716 prims

Mountain side with Beach view
1568 sq
$ 630 week/ 394 prims

Beach Front
1152m | 289 prims | $575 week

Beach front with sunset view
3456m | 870 prims | $1695 week

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