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My last day in 2nd life


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I have been a active member in 2nd life for 8 years, I did enjoy exploring places in sl it was a good experience that is the only good experience I have had in 2nd life.

My experience with 2nd life friendship was a nightmare, I am happy to never have to be part of that again! The problem is people would act like they wanted my friendship for a few months, then they would push me away for no reason! I tried for 8 years to find someone that would be a true friend to me, everytime I tried to be friends with someone it would always end the same way people would push me away and never have time for me.

On the 3 / 7 / 2015 I have closed my accounts, I will never find what I really wanted in sl and it is for the best I leave 2nd life.

I want to ask everyone who is reading this, please take time for your friends in sl. Try to make time for all of your friends, friendship is more than a name on your contact list! True friendship is the kind that doesn't depend on a common situation, place or hobbies. Real friends are the ones who love you for being you, will worry about your problems, will help whenever they can without you asking them to, and will always care about what you are going through. True friends do all these things because they know that if you are a true friend as well, you'll do the same for them!

Respect those friends who find time for you in their busy schedule. But really love those friends who never see their schedule when you need them!

Love and Peace to everyone goodbye

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Hello Lilianna, nice to meet you.

In my country they say that it is really hard, almost impossible to make friends after the age of high school..

I don't know many people who have a lot of real friends. By real I mean what you described above.. "Caring.. etc etc.."

Now as for the fact that you haven't found a real friend in Second life, I assume that is more difficult for that to be happened, because all what we see is the avatar of a real person, all what we "hear" is them typing and yes, that maybe pulls out their personality and their character, but I am sure it is completely different if two people who met in a virtual world meet in what we call a real life!

I have met a few people in "RL" that I met first in a virtual world. I even met a girl who became my wife a few years later and we have a son now. None of the times It was what i had in mind, or what I was expecting.

Of course there are exceptions and some people still live together, or they became really best friends.

Exceptions are for to confirm the rules!

Wish you to not quit your Secondlife because you haven't met a real best friend yet. As you said the exploring part was so good and I am sure the unknown of tomorrow will be a lot of excitement.

And who knows? Maybe one day you will be an exception to confirm the rule and find a best friend for your real life or even for your time that you spend in front of the monitor, playing "dolls" as a friend of mine describes Secondlife :)

Take care and have lots of fun in both lives!


beethros Karas

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LilianaOBrienVI wrote:

Real friends are the ones who love you for being you, will worry about your problems, will help whenever they can without you asking them to, and will always care about what you are going through. 

Very very few people are going to do this, other than your Mom. They will be those who have known you for years and have known your unfailing kindness and generosity to them.  No one else is going to "love you for being you." 

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I am so sorry to hear of your unpleasant experiances. I have made a some good friends here in SL that transends the actual SL restrictions. Friends that worry and listen as I do to them. I do hope you the best on your new journey or perhaps just your return to RL only....be blessed

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