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Persistent bots

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I ban the bots at my shop with the land ban, my shop is 3000ft up, but they circumvent that and land anywhere there is a place to land, like down on my island, or on my race track almost 4000 ft up, but never at the place they were banned .( at the shop)

The land landing point is set at the shop

How can the person operating these bots circumvent the land ban and set landing point and overide it

I have security orbs set up down on my land and on the track and i see when they come on my sim,

My secutry ejects them  but it is annoying having them pop in 

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I tried to investigate, but your security orb is set to teleport home with no warning at all -- just FYI, that has been considered a ToS violation in the past, although I doubt anybody will report you for it.

But it got me wondering: why do you think these are "bots" ? And for that matter, are you sure they're actually *arriving* at those locations, not merely flying up or down to them, as I did? (It's possible to know that with reasonable certainty, either using your own bot or from a rather special script -- but definitely not a standard feature of the usual security scripts.) 

Also, you do know your "unpack area" parcel has no security at all, right?

[Edit to add: Heh, *eventually* your ground-based security teleports home from the "unpack area" parcel. Anyway, you also have your store group (for shoppers) the same as your land-owning group. That has pros and cons, but I'm thinking any of these "bots" who may have joined your store group might be able to circumvent the parcel-based teleport routing. So... wait... it looks as if you are trying to use telehub routing (disabling direct teleport in the Estate settings) but also have teleport routing with a landing point set for your main parcel? Are you sure that will work? It seems to be unsupported, according to the wiki.]

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Yes i saw you got ejected, looking at your name i questioned if you were a bot or not, when i went and checked the shop visitor list i saw you were there first for 12 minutes, so i knew you had found your way down to the island.And looking at your profile i saw you were not a bot, when anyone has seen prob over 100 bots ,one gets to recognize them easily by their profile and amount of time on the sim, they are timed at less than one minute

Bots do not land at the shop once banned and find their way down, they go directly to the island, circumventing the set landing point.

And every bot profile you check it is the same, they are always certain first names and in the area of 2000 days old give or take, and always no payment info on file and always a completely empty profile

For your info, there is thread on this very problem, when i first noticed bots coming to my shop, ( i have singularity so anyone entering and leaving the sim it shows on radar) i asked on here and was referred to a thread where many people were seeing the same thing, what i noticed was an unusual amount of avys arriving and leaving 1 sec later, i thought my sim was ejecting  avys at the shop so i checked on this and that is how i found out others were seeing the same

As for the eject time, i doubt LL is concerned about the feelings of bots, they serve no good other than some creep who programmed them to do whatever they do.No one can mistakenly land at my sim and get ejected ,anyone who comes there lands 3000 feet up and no where near the security that ejects., so other than nosey people who purposely  fly down and bots,legitimate  visitors to my shops do not get ejected


Bots are the only one besides people like you who find their way to the island, And that unpack area is covered by security  down on the island, i have tested it myself with an alt.

Anyway what were you trying to investigate? what my question was, how can these creeps who direct these bots circumvent land controls, overide sim landing points and land bots anywhere there is a place to land,no matter what level something is rezzed at

The unpack area is 3000ft from the secutiy orb on the island and 1000 feet away from my track, the orbs have a detect distance of within a few feet of the orb, it takes about 6 orbs to cover the area of the island.

If what you sayis so then anyone coming to my shop would be ejected by the secutity and that has never happened as they are too far away.

As for shop groups, they are not open enrollment , the island group is not open enrollment, and checking, them only mine and my partners name is there and our alts

I have checked the names that use that unppack area as i have an avy list maker there, and bots do not land in that spot, and before we made the island water only i always checked that unpack area section down on the island, no avys ever landed there

As for estate settings , the only one i see that maybe is what you mean is the " allow direct teleport" i unchecked that

As for landing point that is set at the shop 2507 ft up, people do not land on the island , they never have, i see with my radar anyone who enters the sim and all land at the shop, except bots, and there is no question at all they are bots

check this link, you will see this is not isolated


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I was trying to discover what your land settings were. I could tell that the main parcel wasn't the whole sim based on its size, so I headed down to the ground to find the other parcel (which turned out to be the unpacking area).

Once the security had banned me from the main parcel, every time I went into the sim, it would put me at whatever spot I'd left from the unpacking area parcel (which came to mean that I'd be bounced immediately from your ground level, so I wonder: regardless of elevation, do the "bots" also always arrive inside that parcel? 

Anyway, I don't know what thread you mean, so I can't guess whether it was just a land setting problem or referencing a jira (historically, there certainly have been bugs with bans not working -- even estate bans -- but I don't recognize any that fit what you're describing).

Are you trying to use telehub routing? 

[heh, you edited while I was responding, so...anyway, my suggestion at this point is to again check the Allow Direct Teleport, set a Landing Point for the unpack area parcel, too, and when you have time, hunt around that unpack area at about 4000m and see if there isn't some jproduct package left up there -- that was why I assumed customers could join the store group.]

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Okay, I can't keep up with the edits.

Yeah, I know about the Brandon and Natalya (and etc.) bots -- I posted to that thread (although not with serious intent). As far as I know, you were the only poster there who had problems with banned bots circumventing the bans -- which is a whole different class of problem from having so many different bots visit that it's just pointless to try to ban them all, which was the main thrust of the Brandonbot thread.

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