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Looking for Roommates !

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Hey there!


I am starting a new roommate roleplay where a group of people live together and personalities collide. Character backgrounds would be made to enrich the members of the household and to inform others about each other. Simple and in detail character dialogue/emotes would take place in local and all personal/out of character chat will be done in IM. Expected outcomes of this roleplay: deep bonds, drama, fights, love interests, laughs, and much more.


People to participate in the roleplay. If you like the roleplay description ("About" section) and would like to participate send me an IM or NC inworld. Emoting/roleplay experience is a plus. No rent or set hours are required. You will also be able to live in the apartment and rez items.

Sound cool? Shoot me a NC or IM! : )

*Inworld contact please!


Nyx (Sweeetnesss)

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Hiya.   I like the idea of this role play, it has sooo much potential!

Luv the thought of creating a close bond with my roommates, the giggles, the drama, the inevitable love games.......

I hope you get some good characters to develop this.

I've sent you an IM - hope to chat soon!




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