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Have the alpha texture and layerbut not working

LadyPetunias Audion

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I got this cute halter I textured and put into my market place.

But the Alpha mask.. (layer) is not working.. Not making that part of my body invisible. My jeans alpha is working  so are my shoes... but when I Add or even Wear......I still see that part of my body that should be invisible for the halter.


I have the layer and I have the texture for it. Not sure what to do. .and the creator is away till the end of the month! sighs..  bit beside myself

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I can't see the problem, I see no texture uploaded, maybe you could take a picture for us,it could help us to help you better. For now I can see just your text very clearly, 

As ramdom guess from the iussue you expose I might suggest you to make a new mask. if you own the mesh and can bring it in your 3d program then  select the polygons that should be filled by your mesh, go to UV editor fill them by a color and export that file to use to buuild your alpha.

if you don't own a mesh you can still do something. download the Robynhuffaker's oldlayers and upload them, wear then like a skin, wear your mesh too and use those guides to see how to paint in gimp or photoshop your alpha

If that's a rigged mesh and maybe fitted mesh that is showing some more bugginess, then its all another talk.

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