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Nature themed land. Great view

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I provide terraformed land in a great scenery.

My best selling type is nature/forest themed land, but I also provide tropical themed land, gothic themed land,  or even themeless land (no zoning rules). Themeless land is very suitable for commercial purposes.

My covenants are very short and simple. No complicated rules that can only be used against you. Just plain and simple, to the point. Basically they say "honour thy neighbor, and behave" 

Sizes vary from 1024 sqm upto 65536 sqm.  I have normal prim land and highprim land.

My rent system is unique. It is very user friendly, and located on a central place. No need to rez boxes on your land, no need to join some group.

Check out the available land in the MarketPlace at MaliCure's shop or get the landlist notecard

We have also a realtime landlist (automatically generated by the available parcels up for rent).

One example screenshot:


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