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Help on avsitter script

sexylady Waco

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Your question is confusing.  You don't write in any script for props. 

The code for the prop goes on the config notecard.    You put a script in the prop then the prop in the prim with the animations and scripts.  When you set up your pose after you have the position right you can then choose a prop to go with it and position it in relation to the pose.  You can use the same prop for multiple poses if you want just by choosing it each time you set a pose.  When you are finished setting up the poses and props and hit dump, all the coding you need is included in the data dumped to paste on the notecard. 

This is a very simplified version of how it works.  You really should spend more time watching the videos that the creator provides that show you how to do this and reading the directions on the website.  They are good and will answer all your questions.

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To be clear i mean the below script can i put 2 scripts for example one for sitter 0 and another for sitter 1 in the same script file.

and should i put the script file in the Prim or in the Prop (i put it in Prim but just to confirm that this is the right place)


  1. /******************************************************************
  2. * This example uses 90200 to rez a prop while any one of a number of poses are playing.
  3. * Props remain until a different pose is selected or another prop of same prop group is rezzed.
  4. * Useful if you want the same prop to remain rezzed for several poses.
  5. * May help save prop script memory in cases you are re-using the same prop over and over.
  6. *
  7. * To use:
  8. * 1. Set up a regular prop that rezzes with a pose as usual.
  9. *
  10. * 2. Change the PROP's <trigger_name> in the notecard to be a completely new name.
  11. * The new name should *NOT* match a pose name so the prop will rez *ONLY* by this script.
  12. * e.g. PROP PicnicProp...
  13. *
  14. * 3. Edit the "prop_trigger" string below to match this name.
  15. * e.g. string prop_trigger = "PicnicProp";
  16. *
  17. * 4. Edit "poses" list below to include all the POSE or SYNC that you want to rez the prop for.
  18. *
  19. * 5. Edit "SITTER" below to match the sitter # the props are for (or use -1 to ignore sitter #).
  20. *
  21. * If multiple copies of this script are used to rez multiple props at the same time, then each PROP should be set to a different "GROUP".
  22. ******************************************************************/
  24. string prop_trigger = "PicnicProp";
  25. list poses = ["Sit1","Sit2","cuddle","kiss"];
  26. integer SITTER = 0;
  28. /******************************************************************
  30. ******************************************************************/
  32. integer rezzed;
  34. link_message(integer sender, integer num, string msg, key id){
  35. if(num==90045){
  36. list data = llParseStringKeepNulls(msg,["|"],[]);
  37. string POSE_NAME = llList2String(data,1);
  38. integer SITTER_NUMBER = (integer)llList2String(data,0);
  40. if(llListFindList(poses,[POSE_NAME])!=-1){
  41. if(rezzed==FALSE){
  42. llMessageLinked(LINK_THIS,90200,prop_trigger,"");
  43. rezzed=TRUE;
  44. }
  45. }
  46. else{
  47. llMessageLinked(LINK_THIS,90200,"remprop_"+prop_trigger,""); // clear the prop
  48. rezzed=FALSE;
  49. }
  50. }
  51. }
  52. else if((num==90065 && (integer)msg==SITTER) || num==90030){ //sitter stands or swaps
  53. rezzed=FALSE;
  54. }
  55. }
  56. }
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