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Saving a new outfit creates a folder with no items in it?

Vylna Daviau


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The easiest fix is the following. Please note that I'm using Firestorm 4.7.7. The steps/menu items might be a little different on other viewers.

Enable to Developer menu. Preferences > Advanced > Show Developer Menu

Make sure you have your current shape saved somewhere.

Developer > Avatar > Character Tests > select either Test Male or Test Female

After that is done, switch back to your old shape & clothes. Saving outfits should now work for you again.

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I did a quick test to make sure that the last few versions of SL manage Outfits correctly and they do. WHile Outfit information is stored via links saved on the LL Asset Servers the function is dependant on your SL Viewer operating correctly. It is possible that your local [PC] Inventory Cache is compromised.

Al I can suggest at this time is:

1) Perform a cache & group cache clear and try again. If this fails then...

2)  Perform a clean install of the SL Viewer and try again:



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Well, I had the same problem today. So I checked this out a little.

I found out that in the inventory, in the "recent" tab where the current outfit is displayed there was an item that instead of "worn" it said "invalide file.. or destroyed item or something like that..i can't recall. And I couldn't locate which one was.

So I took everything off and wear them again one by one to follow at the current outfit if it said "worn".

Then I saved the outfit and it was saved ok.

I hope I help :)


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