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Looking for a family / clan


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SL allows me to live some fantasies i couldnt try in RL. And this involves lot of nudity. I love to be kept naked around others and their friends, better if i am forced to. I would like to be friend and live with a strict and dominant couple, group, family or clan to spend time with while they keep me permanently naked.

Not interested in single doms. I am not looking to be someone's property so i don't wear a collar permanently. I want to be part of a family, clan or group as a free spirit but when i am at home with you and your friends i wish to serve you, to be teached how to behave and to be punished if i am not doing well, to be restrained and humiliated. I want to be firmly controlled, harshly treated, given little or no say over what I can do. I like to feel helpless and humiliated, to be not more than a little servant or plaything.

i owned a house but i found it to be a waste of money because i love to hang out with friends. A friend once offered a room in her house BUT i always had to be naked at her house, no matter who was around.

If you, your family or clan/group have a room in your home for me to use that's what i will do for you:

- be your naked amusement for you and your friends
- obey you, your rules and your guests
- be subject to bondage, gagging, humiliation, cages, leash
- be used as a sex toy for you, your family and friends
- i can work for free in your land, club or shop
- I can be a naked blood doll (i love vampires!)
- i will be shared with your friends, allowing them to bring me to their homes
- i will be whored out to strangers (we'll split profit so i can help you pay your rent and i can improve my avatar).

Also i'm very open to your ideas and kinks. But please remember that all this will not be a permanent ownership. No permanent collar will be put on me, it's ok to wear one at your home.

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