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My quick and simple suggestions to improve SL

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Just the little niggles that I think would make a big difference if smoothed out!

1) Remove that silly look follows cursor thing! I have to explain to everyone who plays how to turn it off just so their avatar doesn't gaze around like an idiot! lol :)

2) Change the default avatar animations. I'm not sure if this has been done already, but the clunky-looking default animations put me off SL a few times when I was a newbie

3) Improve the Destinations panel a bit! It feels very simple... I really think it could be made into a much more welcoming and fleshed-out hub of suggestions that would help people not to feel so lost! It wouldn't have to be overly-complicated... just a bit more substantial is all!

And that's the core of it, I do think many of the cool changes have been made already, but I care about SL and I want to help it to be bigger and stuff and help newbies!

I think these three changes will remove three common "papercuts" when starting SL - some clunky avatar details, and feeling "lost".

So yeah erm, other than that good stuff!

Oh, and I do wish land wasn't so darn pricey ._.

But I know you get what you pay for.

Anyway, peace dudes!

Mike :)

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