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Good time to cash out for European merchants

Madeliefste Oh

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De value of the euro is to devalue. This means that for European merchants it is an excellent time to sell your linden dollars and exchange your USD to euros. Since 7 years the exchange rate has not be so good as it is at the moment.

Compare the exchange rate (as used on Paypal) for the last few years:

March 2012: 1000 dollar = 736 euro

March 2013: 1000 dollar = 745 euro

March 2014: 1000 dollar = 707 euro

Today:            1000 dollar = 909 euro



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Thanks for the reaction in your blog, Natales.

It's always a sort of gamble to choose the best moment to cash out. And ofcourse it is smart to keep USD's to pay your tier before you cash out, and have some on your Paypal account in case you want to pay for goods in USD. You best avoid that you have to exchange your Euro's to pay for your SL.

The best rate I have had in the 8 years that I cash out, was about 5 years ago, it was like 1000 usd = 820 euro. Then it began to sink quickly, the last five years it was always below 750, mostly in the range between 720 and 730.

So I was pleasant surprise to see this rate of 909, last few days it's going up and down and up. Today you get 927 for 1000 USD. It might still go up a bit, it might stabilize, or it might go down again. This devaluation of the euro has to do with measures from the European Central Bank. There might be other factors in financial markets that influence the exchange rates, that I don't have knowledge about. I cannot oversee the world economy...  I'm not a financial expert, I'm just a simple SL creator. And what I see this week is the best exchange rate for USD-EUR since the last 8 years.

It might be that next month I blame myself that I sold my dollars too early. Or I might cheer that I did not miss the hype...  Only time will tell...

There is just one thing for sure: the Linden Dollar has been more stable for the last 8 years than the euro.








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