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Searching for a REAL Girl thats a real girl in REAL Life does such a thing even exist anymore?

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Quinn Lysette wrote:

we now live in a age where everyone lies online and for good reason everyone is out to get us and invade our privacy but xum on I need me a real life girl born a real girl in real life there has to be atleast 1 left out there ?

Somewhere in that post is a song.

Is Journey or Foreigner still around?

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BlueTrianon wrote:

You don't fool me!  

Everyone knows that a REAL Girl that's a real girl in REAL Life would wear pink sparkly nail polish with that outfit.

Nooooo, if I had chest hair like that, and couldn't stuff it all in my bra, I'd play off the contrast with the dress by wearing sparkly black nail polish. While there's always room for sparkles, you really can have too much pink.

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