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Godswar: Aftermath - Paragraph RP, Now Open!

Zhantee Fallen

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Welcome to Godswar: The Aftermath!


Our Story:

Myths and legends are much more than simple stories we tell. They are our past and our reality. The heroes and Gods of ancient times were real people, and the forces of the Universe which granted them their powers are still active. In May 2014, one hundred humans were gifted with powers and the potential to become Gods of a future world. For months, they grew and fought, killing their brethren to become more powerful. After raining both accidental and intentional destruction across the world, they felled a God of much greater power than any of them, a being who might have defeated them all.

His death would be heard around the world. The power released by his defeat split open the gates of hell, and ancient Gods were released into the world. For the next twenty years, the Gods who had been on earth fighting among themselves came together and fought off the Gods released from hell. Millions of humans died, the world was ravaged and many lands fell to bits. Finally, after twenty years, the gates of Hell were sealed once more.

Now the world needs to be rebuilt and reformed for a new era. The Gods attempt to guide the building, but they are still caught in their own squabbles with one another. The beings they made, their Created, roam the world, along with creatures of ancient legends. Humans find themselves caught in all of this, gifted with new magical powers. Where will the future take Earth? It's up to you to decide.

About Godswar:

Godswar: Aftermath is an apocalyptic fantasy sim which has existed in various forms for three years. We are a player-led sim, where our players shape the future of the world and the storylines we present. The current form of the world, the beings inhabiting it, and the Gods governing it all came from the players of our last sim and their dedicated roleplaying. Our sim leaders emphasize the importance of players having an impact on their surroundings and use their ideas to further the sim.

We have a strong paragraph RP culture and utilize a dice and character sheet system to resolve in-character conflicts. Players are given a pre-determined amount of points to spend on skills, attributes and items when they start, and we periodically award extra points to expand and enhance your character. We also have pre-made character archetypes so those unsure of where to spend their points can create a great character without any hassle or headache. Feel free to come by and take a tour of the sim. Have a question? Contact any of our friendly admin staff or player mentors for help!

Do you allow ______?

Chances are, Yes!

We offer a wide variety of races, including the option to create your own race from any mythos in history, a number of different areas with themes to suit any tastes, plenty of factions to take part in, and eighteen distinct Gods to flavor your RP, as well as an intricate lore to draw from.

Humans, vampires, mermaids, monsters, cyborgs, androids, satyrs, reapers, undead, werecreatures, urban dwellers, magicians, shape-shifters, steampunk lovers, djinn, fae, and those who aren't quite sure what to be will all be able to find a home in Godswar.

Where can I learn more?

Join our OOC Group by pasting this link in local in-world:

View our website: http://godswar-sl.enjin.com/

Visit our sim: http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Charmed/176/199/2006

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