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Requirements for bloggers?


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Hi... My in-world store is really taking shape with quite a few products in it now and I am looking at hiring bloggers as another marketing tool only I am unsure of the whole blogger/designer expectations.

As a designer what should I offer potential bloggers? Obviously free clothing, but do bloggers usually get paid L? or advertising space?

And as bloggers what is their responsibility to me? I understand it's really my prerogative to set a minimum amount of blogs per month etc but is there anything else I should know do you think?

Any ideas/suggestions greatly appreciated.


Thanks :matte-motes-big-grin:

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There is no hard fast rule. It varies. I think there are enough bloggers that just like blogging you can probably get mention for free. Others may want goods to try before writing about them.

Payment brings in the question of bias. Pay for play... Some frown on it, others think it is just a form of advertising. You can make banner ads for use on sites like New World Notes, which accepts advertising from SL users, as do other sites.

There are those that want the free stuff far more than they want to blog. So, some degree of skepticism is needed on your part. Talk to the big name bloggers like JuicyBomb and Strawberry Singh. See what they do. Ask at Fabulously Free, one of my favorite blog aggregators. 

You'll find some designers blogging their own stuff. Others make images available on Flickr. Other bloggers like Strawberry prefer to make their own art.

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