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★ Temptations Ψ is hiring! Dancers wanted, flexible hours & friendly atmosphere ★

Gomez Bracken

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We are a busy adult adult resort in SL for over 7 years and have just finished the refurbishment of our strip club based in our "Tempsville" town.

We are now looking to recruit erotic dancers, both female and male and an enthusiastic manager who is dedicated to the role. 

Employment is tips based (with additional occasional bonuses) and your earnings are only limited by the time you put in.

Interested? Read our requirements:

- Ideally 2 weeks old, with a decent knowledge of the SL environment.
- good skin and hair.
- Must be open minded and willing to dance and/or strip for tips.
- A friendly, chatty and flirty personality.
- You must be able to speak english well.
- You must be willing to work at least 4 hours per week.

If you are interested, please IM Gomez Bracken or Titania Bracken - or come down to the strip club and pick up an application form.

You can find the strip club at the SLURL below:



Once at the landing area, click on the "strip club" TP board.



We are hiring!

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