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Notecard Editing Issues

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hello.. i'm having a problem editing notecards that i've made myself. i made a few notecards for my hotel rooms and some of the cards can be copied (either by taking a copy or cutting and pasting the text) so i don't have to make a whole new notecard for each room. the problem is, whenever i go to actually make changes to a new notecard (with cut and pasted or newly composed text) it starts to type over the already present text. whenever i hit enter to make a paragraph break, it will eat up the current text letter by letter. space bar even types over/eats up the text until i basically have to type the whole damn thing again. this has only been happening for a few days and i've made/edited/copied notecards up until now with no problem. it doesn't matter if i make a new notecard and even start typing from scratch. if i make a mistake and want to insert some text or make a correct, when i use the space bar or the enter key it still types over anything in its way. any help would be appreciated, i really need to get these notecards done. thanks
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In case you have problems finding it, the Insert key is the key with "Ins" on it.

Or on some keyboards "Insert".

Or on some keyboards there are two different keys in different places with different markings on it, like mine.

Sometimes it is in mixed case, but sometimes the key is marked using all upper case letters.

Or if you have used the key a lot, sometimes the markings wear off, partially or completely.

Which means you may have to use trial and error to find it.

Usually the 0 key is also used as the Insert key, and may be larger than most of the other keys.

Although not the space bar of course.

I hope this is helpful.

You might have got a different sort of help if you had posted your query in the Answers section.

Where you should have.

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sorry for the delay. i was away from the computer today. the *ins* key was the culprit.. i won't even lie, i had never seen that key before. on my laptop it's on the 0 key on the number pad. thank you both, you guys saved my sanity. btw, i had no idea where to post this, but i'm glad you two helped me out!

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