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Why do cars have only one speed

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Rivernaut Piers wrote:

How do you drive a car? Every one that I've tried has only stop and fast, plus they're impossible to keep on the road. The only operation that is normal is when you drive into a ditch, you're stuck. Then all you can do is delete it and find another rez zone. 

You're probably driving old, freebie cars. Most better cars have multiple speed setting "gears" that can be changed by using the "Page Up" and "Page Down". Second LIfe isn't really great as a vehicle simulator but some cars are better than others.

I'd suggest that you go to the Haru Motors sim (I think it's just called "HaruMotors") and try out the demos available there. Three very good car makers have shops there with driveable demos and there's a "test track." You can get a feel for the handling of various cars and might find a maker you like.

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Aethelwine wrote:

Some use page up\page down... others use shift left\shift right to change gear

Linden Lab should implement that to avatar walking speed. Avatars walk unrealistically fast in Second Life, as if they were always in a hurry to go somewhere.

We need 'gears' to be able walk in varying speeds. :smileyhappy:

Strange that Linden Lab never paid any attention to that. :smileyfrustrated:



http://wiki.secondlife.com/wiki/Physics_Test in that link there a script wich will tell avatar's velocity. Put the script in in an object and wear it. The result for walking speed is:

11.52 km/h = 3.2 m/s, (7.16 miles/h = 10,5 feet/s)

http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Walking says that the average normal walking speed for humans is:

5 km/h = 1.389 m/s (3.107 miles/h = 4.557 feet/s)

So avatars walk a bit over two times faster than the average human walking speed is.

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