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Wanting to meet new friends and get to know some new people around SL - SOCIAL CLUB

Rosalyn Macarthur

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Hey everyone....since there is a need for a place for people to meet some new people, there is now a group which you can join and we will be doing 2 events a week like bowling, greedy etc just to get to know each other and make some long lasting friendships! Join the group and we will get this moving!

Okay for all those interested, I have created a group in Second Life for our social club which will allow you to see any events organised...we are aiming to have events twice a week and then anyone can post hang outs, greedy games, shopping trips etc....secondlife:///app/group/6c383c40-6ade-7c24-ad61-7a7b17ffc2cc/about

Message me in world with any questions!

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In the good old days, a load of people who frequented these forums got together and set up the Forum Cartel Group, which has a Hangout.

I can't speak for the current owner/managers (Chris Norse is still officially the owner, but none of the original gang seem to participate in these forums any more) you might want to consider maybe contacting whoever is now running the Group (it's free to join, although you get the occasional $1L charge to pay for the Search registration) to see if you can add yourself to the roster; it might spice up the atmosphere and get some of the old farts out of their favourite armchairs.

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