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New ECLIPSE LOUNGE Is hiring all position

mayu Ugajin

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Each of the world's hottest cities has one emblematic hot spot that defines an era, a place that becomes the main attraction for generations of beautiful people and the whirlwind of their nightly ambitions and desires.

In Second Life, that special place is Eclipse Night Club!

Located at Blake Sea where all the fun begins from Sailing to flying a plane, We have added an open view Lounge focused on people in the Entertainment of SL with romantic theme that all couple will enjoy, but also a place for everyone in general who wishes to meet a new friends Grand opening this week so looking for the follow position to be filled.

Location of the sim : http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Thorkell/40/32/38

 The following position:

  • DJs. (Paid weekly plus 100% Tips.) per set of two hours
  • Greeter (Hosts) (Paid weekly plus 100% Tips.) per set of two hours
  • Live Performer (Paid Plus 100% Tips)
  • Assistant management. (Paid weekly Position)

Plus a perfomance based bonus will be given details will be given inworld.

Requirement of you is:

- Must have a presentable, attractive look..
- Can work well with others and be a part of a team for the better of the club.
- You are responsible. professional and can be reasonably flexible with your time.
- The person should have excellent communication skills.
- He or she should have the ability to work under pressure.

We will be open 2 days a week, Saturday and Sunday from 1pm till 6pm. once the stable shift is stable will also will expand to firday

Dress Code for Staff: Formal.

Main Genres for DJs: All forms of Ballroom, Romantic Music, Blues, Jazz, or anything along those lines which have a lounge-style ambiance.

DJs MUST have their own Stream

The Sim rating is Moderate sim so TOS will need to comply as follows

If you are interested, Notecard in world to mayu Ugajin as im do capped

Note: Avi must be at least 60days old on SL to apply. And as for assistant Manager will need at least 180days with experience.

Looking forward to hear from you

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