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Parcels and Homes to Rent with ~Sweet Harmony~

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We have parcels from 512sqm to 4096sqm parcels available as empty parcels, unfurnished homes or furnished homes, the choice is yours.

Our parcels are set within beautifully landscaped areas with a community feel and include.


  • Privacy on your own parcel
  • Control on most options on your parcel
  • Sound control 
  • Media control ( Deed your television to land)Or ( rent one of our top of the line TV's)
  • Intan on your own parcel
  • Access to the open ocean linden waters for boating and sailing 
  • Gardens to relax in and enjoy the beauty
  • Dance areas for them special moments 
  • Club to hang out and invite friends and family to come join us all and have fun 
  • Dance ares to have your special parties

      ................and much more .

Visit our Information Center and choose your new home today.

"Sweet Harmony, more then prims and meters ...Its a Life Style"


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