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Dull lifeless texture help

Solaris Neiro

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I'm pretty much a newbie when it comes to blender and texturing.

I just wanted to ask if anyone could help me by giving some suggestions on how I can improve the texturing on this jacket and dress. It looks pretty plain and I am not sure what else I should add.



I already tried adding some wrinkles to the dress as shown here: http://i.gyazo.com/ad3f63fff642239f5238896de902f4fb.png but it's still pretty dull.

Right now I have a base color, cotton texture set on multiply, and ambient occlusion map colorized and set to multiply. I know I need to use more extensive techniques to make this look better but I'm really unsure which ones.

I would appreciate any suggestions like additional maps I need to bake out, lighting setups I should do etc etc.

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Not really what your asking about  but my suggestion would be, bake out your base color , cotton texture and AO textures etc as separate textures and load them up as layers in a 2D editor like Gimp and then just Play with all the colour tools, hue, brightnes, saturation, Blending modes etc etc.

Its quicker and alot less complicated to experiment in Gimp than it is in Blender. :) 


Also try giving your AO a bit of colour

The folds of the top of the dress could benefit from a little more shading

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