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Biggest Sailing sim

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Probably the general area of the world that includes the Blake Sea, the area east of Nautilus Island, the continents north of the Blake Seawhich have a lot of sailing water and are connected.  There is also several large private estates that belong to the USS to the east of it, also conected.

If you are looking for a Private Estate, then probably the Fruit Islands which has over 100 sims to sail on.  It is private though,  you have to own land there or be a guest of a landowner to sail there.

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Naked Dreams is in Eden, a smaller estate owned by a different estate owner, which is connected to Fruit Islands Estate and they may have different rules within their sims. 

Sailing in the Fruit Island sims is restricted to land owners of Fruit Island or Eden and their guests (the land owner must be with them).  If you are neither estate agents that strictly monitor the estate will eventually find you and enforce the rule.

I've lived in the Fruit Islands off and on over the years.

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There is also New Port Yacht Club , Bumrose Marina, in Eden and the Mango Yacht Club in the Fruit Islands (run by Fruit Islands Events).

I have never had a problem sailing in the islands, but to be fair haven't done it all that often. I have never heard a rule about the place being only open to people owning land on the islands. I would have thought there would be mention of it on the parcel information for the yacht clubs, or when there have been cruises there by topless sailors (or LCC?). I have checked and I can't see anything about it on their website and the badly out of date Wiki only mentions the New Fruit snowlands as being restricted access (although it doesn't say where they are -  if they even still exist) .

There is also the very good Fruit Islands Training Centre that I was initially directed to by an information giver at one of the Blake Sea Yacht clubs (Nantucket I think). I don't see anything about it being residents only.

If the Fruit Islands are residents only then they would seem to be keeping that information very secret.

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The area around the marina and amphitheater including some of the open water directly south of Eden as well as a few other areas are open to the public, due to that area having events that are open to the public.

The Fruit Island Training Center is a 4096 lot open to the public, but outside it's boundry the sim is all residents only.  If you take classes there, they may make an exception while in class.

All the other sims, which are the majority, are Residents Only and say so as the name of the parcel as: Fruit Islands -- Residents Only Area --. which also appears at the top of your screen  in the navigation bar.

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