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Join us at Sweethearts for our Best In Green Formal! Wear your best Green formal attire and show off your green attire proudly on St. Patricks day along with your SWEET style. Our best dressed male and female will each win $500 linden for our St. Patricks day celebration! Come dance, romance, giggle and have fun with SL's warmest Sweethearts!   Let your personality sizzle on the dance floor and spark a HOT fiery connection.

Join us for fun, romance, excitement, and the elegant splendor of Sweethearts Jazz. We are blessed to be the warmest and most genuine group of "sweethearts" in Second Life history.

Fabulous wonders await you. Bring a special sweetheart to dance or meet someone special right here. Sweethearts is the #1 place in Second Life to meet new people for romance and friendship. Happy couples all over SL have proven that our Sweethearts MAGIC works!


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