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Annoying Notification


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Since  logging  in for first  time  keep  getting a  notification  about a  test hub from  someone called   Governor   Linden  have tried  muteing him  and  clicking   No  but it  keeps  reapeearing.

Am  Dubiouse  about  accepting it 

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You're right that you should normally be dubious about accepting things from other people if you didn't ask for it first.  However, Governor Linden is a legitimate account.  "Lindens" are the staffers for the company behind Second Life, Linden Lab.

Feel free to accept or not accept.  It won't affect your ability to use Second Life.  The HUD is meant to provide you with an orientation.

Once you move beyond the Welcome Island (and if this is your first time using Second Life I do suggest you do the activities there before moving on), the HUD notification will disappear for good.


Also, if you want an alternative orientation you can visit places like Caledon Oxbridge and NCI.  Both of them usually have helpers on hand as well as information that's good to have as a new person.

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Perrie Juran wrote:

What exactly does the notification say?

And should you see the Governor, please post a screen shot.  It's been ages since she was last seen.

I saw her a few weeks ago in the Portals for the Realms, where lots of new residents go to.


I suspect OP has landed there and got offered the game-HUD for the LR, but yeah a screenshot with the actual notification would help.

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All of these responses are a load of nonsense, Nigel, taking the mickey out of you, which is a result of posting your query to the General Discussions forum, which is populated by pranksters who delight in misleading noobs.

If you want an accurate reply and explanation post your question in the Answers section, which is where your question should have been directed in the first place

But please post more questions here if you want to be gently abused.

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