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Could somebody rush over to Answers and rescue poor Kesawna, who has reinstalled Ubuntu, causing terrible things to happen to her.



  • Her keyboard delay is set too short, so letters are repeated.
  • However, some letters aren't appearing at all.
  • Her period key is severely defective, operating only intermittently.
  • None of the other punctuation keys (including Return) appear to be working.
  • Her shift key just doesn't work!

If you are an expert in Ubuntu keyboard remapping please could you help her, or goodness knows what people will think of her.

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You don't understand, Karen! It's ONLY in SL that she has these problems, so it can not be the keyboard; it MUST be something to do with the way Second Life interacts with her keyboard drivers.

[if you can't fix it, can't we get that Unix "expert", JohnnyWonderful, or whatever his name is, to respond. Oh, forget that; his own keyboard seems to have similar problems . . . ]

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Would this do instead?3b1.jpg


Since I once worked for a company that used to sell Convergent Technology kit, I actually have one of these (AT&T 7300, known as a 3B1 in the UK, which was the first Unix PC) in the garage gathering dust. I even persuaded the London Design Museum to put one on display rather than an IBM PC, an ACT Sirius/Victor (their initial preferred option) or [spit] an Apple machine.


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OMG - That AT&T 7300 is so high-tech. Back in the day my Hubby and I used to share this TI 700 portable teletype terminal to talk to the IBM Mainframe computer at the company we both worked for. He was one of the On-call IT Support Staffers and I was the On-call Accounting Department Staffer.


I remember our cat loving to play with the paper that unrolled behind the kitchen table as we used this thing.

Such memories.......

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LlazarusLlong wrote:

But it doesn't run ANY flavour of Unix...

..snickering..... Oh, I thought we were chatting about keyboards :P

My Bad!

Alternate Reality Answer to the OPs unstated issues: Deciding to relax in SL after getting home and de-stressing with a few beers...... The OP approaches the PC with beer in hand splashing foam generously onto the subject keyboard...

Solution: Apply clear saran wrap to keyboard in the morning.


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