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Adult Verified

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I hope anyone here is able to assist me. I have been in SL for more than 7 years. I just returned with an ALT (this one) and logged in to find I have no ADULT rating any more. Being post 40 this made me smile, but really, there is no way of getting it set right it seems.


I did the following: Went to Knowledge Base and followed Steps to change SETTINGS inworld to include Adult. Then added Payment Details. Nothing seems to work. Oddly enough the account I created here (on the web) for the avi shows up 

Please help me.  Would so like to come inworld and explore a bit what happens on the Adult scene...


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Aislinn, you would do well to post your request for help in the Answers section of the community website (look in the tags above or go to https://community.secondlife.com/t5/Answers/qac-p/Answers ) where some kind soul will surely want to gain kudos by responding to you by cutting and pasting screenshots of the relevant boxes you have to tick in your profile to get Adult access.

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Hi Aislin :)


I see you said you entered Payment Info, but have you purchased anything in the Marketplace, or bought Lindens?

I remember reading that age verification had some relation to paying for things, on the bizarre assumption that people under 18 didn't have debit or credit cards. But this may be only hearsay.


the other other Aislin

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I have a similar Problem right now...

I just logged in with an alt i wasnt using for ages, now i tried to set her to adult, everything is fine i can access adult sims but i cant search for it. When i try to search for adult sims i cant check the box for adult...


as well people cant send me adult rated stuff from MP but i can buy it by myself...thats a bit weird?

i hope someone can help~

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