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My avatar is wearing two pairs of shoes, but only one pair is showing up in the Worn Items column?



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Good advice except for clearing the cache. ONLY clear your cache as a last resort.

Since this is your first post we can assume you are using the SL Viewer from the Lab. When you ask a tech question include information about your computer and viewer. If the viewer will at least show the login screen, get the info from the viewer's Help-About... and paste that into your posts with your question. Help->About... provides all the version numbers we need.  To add your info to an existing question use OPTIONS->EDIT. It’s in the upper right of your post.

Try to correct your problem in a deserted and empty region, like; Pooley oor Furball. The fewer people and things n a region the better.

Once your Otfit folder is changed, relog. 

If that does not fix it, then clear your inventory cache. Shut down the viewer. You'll  find it here: C:\Users\[Win_login_ID]\AppData\Local\SecondLife\

Look for a file with your Avatar's UUID that looks like this: ba2a564a-fxh3-af1f-9c61-b7520bfcd09f.inv.gz Delete that file to clear your inventory cache. Start the viewer and see if the problem solves. Be sure you are logging into a deserted region.

These steps will save your main cache and hopefully fix your problem.

If that fails, you can try clearing the main cache. I wouldn't have much hope for it.

I would use a Library avatar or the default avatar to attempt to clear the problem. Replace your avatar with a Library avatar. Or in Develop->Avatar->Character Tests->[Test Female or Test Male]

If you don't have a DEVLOP on your top menu: Preferences->Advanced

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